Sitemap - 2022 - Can We Still Govern?

The best of "Can We Still Govern?" from 2022

(In)Flexible Savings Accounts: The tax deduction that is actually a tax on your time

What will be the new normal for public health insurance after the Public Health Emergency ends?

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How Trumpism is making public service toxic

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72 hours in Portland, ME

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What you need to know about Schedule F

How the January 6th Committee ended Josh Hawley's national ambitions

Debunking the false comparisons between European and American abortion policies

GOP populism is hurting the teaching profession

The courts as an instrument of American decline

The rot runs deeper

The Deconstruction of the Administrative State is Proceeding Judiciously

Why is American administrative capacity in decline?

Anatomy of a fake

Student loan forgiveness could become the next Obamacare website

Bureaucrats blew the whistle on excessive fines on the poor and disabled: they were fired and demoted by a Trump appointee

Mainstreaming a murderer's manifesto

Why do we tolerate administrative burdens?

Transforming the Paperwork Reduction Act to tackle administrative burden

Twelve lessons from the book banners

Mike Lee and a Little Light Treason

How the tax preparation industry killed free e-filing

The New McCarthyism

Rick Scott's midterm plan is nuts

The QAnoning of our political discourse

Fetishizing campus debate

Hello from the other side of COVID

How the bogus election audits serve to undermine democracy

The matching-to-categories problem

How to think about administrative burdens embedded in new voting laws

"At least it's an ethos"

The purposes of the new education "transparency" bills

Little Big Lies

A year on, the coup plotters are winning