Sitemap - 2023 - Can We Still Govern?

What I wrote in the New York Times about Trump's authoritarian plans

The surveilled campus

A tangible thing you can do today to fight Trump's takeover of the federal government

How to use the public comment process to reduce administrative burdens

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

Trump's criminal lawyers

Digital resilience in Ukraine

How to think about race and administrative burdens

A "legislative terrorist" tries to become Speaker

Pinning the Blame for the Hamas Attacks

Why averting the shutdown matters to administrative capacity

The dazzling mendacity of Vivek Ramaswamy

Fukuyama's Defense of the Deep State

Ballots and Burdens

Some important news on administrative burdens and politicization

The heads-I-win, tails-you-lose democracy

The dismal return of the avocado toast guy

Is economics changing its mind about administrative burdens?

Hidden Travel Gems: Unsung Utrecht

Biden's new student loan plan is a BFD

New College is a warning about the price of populist incompetence

Administrative burden as a mechanism of inequality

The demise of academic freedom in Texas

America has too many political appointees

States want to use Medicaid data to automatically register potential voters. Will the federal government give them a green light?

The deinstitutionalization project

Using automatic renewals to reduce Medicaid coverage loss

The Implementation Phase of Burden Reduction

Where does free speech end, and harassment begin?

The era of judicial pretzeling

Don't look away: The post-Dobbs attack on women's health

The far right wants to protect the Big Lie, not election integrity, not democracy

New SNAP Work Requirements Are a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Which is better? Stockholm vs. Copenhagen

Work requirements: The zombie policy idea at the heart of the debt ceiling fight

Elon Musk and his anti-democratic friends

Pamela Paul and PNAS Envy

Unveiling the authoritarian roadmap

Salzburg without the Mozart

The battle over abortion pills is also an attack on state capacity

My benefactor Harlan Crow is no Nazi

The Supreme Court's ethics problem is a credibility problem

Will the IRS finally create a good free tax reporting process or will the tax preparation industry win again?

The public wants Governors to reduce Medicaid administrative burdens as the Public Health Emergency ends

How the higher education outrage sausage is made

The latest DeSantis attack on education is part of a broader attack on professional competence

The most important election this year is happening in Wisconsin

A "weaponization of government" trope explainer

The case against allowing Trump to return to social media

"No SNAP for you"

When policymakers add administrative burdens while expanding access

The DeSantis attack on campus speech