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Until the author acknowledges that the democrats, republicans, and the entire ruling infrastructure of the United States and NATO have been actively cultivating Nazi ideologies both in the Americas and more recently, in Ukraine, this article can not be taken seriously. For anyone that has been paying any attention to the antics of the United States of White Amerikkka for the past 8 years, they would know that if you are a white supremacist Nazi who wants to get weapons training for the "inevitable race war" you go to Nazi Ukraine; the regime that both parties and their woke media cheer for arming. You can't scream "Black Lives Matter" and in the next breath, cultivate, train, arm, and fund the country in the world that is the epicenter for white supremacist race warriors. Yes, if you are a white supremacist, you go to Ukraine. Please!!! Enough with the double speak. This is not a Fox News problem. It is an American problem; and the white liberal class is as complicit, if not more complicit than Tucker Carelson. You speak out of both sides of your mouths and at the end of the day, its Blacks, as always, that suffer the consequences. Shame on you and this piece of hackery trash that you've cobbled together.

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