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This was really interesting. It sent me back to the letter that Wolf wrote to Feinberg when submitting his claim (https://fixthefund.org/Submission-Letter-to-Feinberg.htm) : "For you, this must be a gratifying moment: to have one of your sharpest critics follow through on a promise and not only join the program he was criticizing, but promote it to his peers, says a lot about you and the way you have adjusted both the program and your attitude. Today, I have complete faith in you. … Ken, in the weeks ahead, I look forward to sitting down with you (or your designee) and fully explaining my case. I think you will marvel at what Kath and I built and the relationship we had. And, I will do so without any feelings of animosity, without any fear that I will be lumped in to some statistical spreadsheet, and _with_ a feeling of faith that I can truly and literally put my future in your hands."

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