Rotten — sociopathic — as the GOP is, they’re not achieving this level of success, that is, destroying our democracy, without help.

The corporate media refuse to hold Republicans accountable in any appropriate proportion to their bad acts. Republican leaders are literally responsible for at least a couple hundred thousand Covid deaths; barely a peep from the media, if that. SCOTUS’ low approval ratings is a not inaccurate reaction to what an be described as decrees issued by a dictatorial junta; mainstream media act as if it’s a mystery why SCOTUS isn’t highly respected and given great deference. And so on and so forth.

As for the Democrats: over thirty years ago, they decided to move rightward in the belief that being an echo of the GOP would get more elected to office and, more importantly, get more money via contributions from Republican special interests. That prevents them from actually being an opposition party that, you know, opposes the GOP, even as things go to hell.

And then there’s the part of the GOP base who literally religiously believe the world is s***, is meant to be s***, and oppose any efforts to make it better.

None of this is meant as any sort of defense of the GOP, just a statement that pretty much everyone who can (but shouldn’t necessarily be) complicit and enabling have been.

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Is there some kind of civil action that could be taken against him? Seems kinda fraudulent, and that conversation implies he knows what he's doing is wrong. Even if it's not likely to be successful, make him defend himself. Maybe the hassle will get his ass packing his shit.

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Republicans are terrible people, literally, metaphorically, and functionally. Why do they seek to sully and devalue all that is good and decent and holy and American. They really piss me off. But, counterpoint, they do represent a vast swath of the country, so sh!tty as their values are, I guess those are the values we collectively desire. Everybody vote, please.

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